Mixed Flow
Amy Havens
Class 4238

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You always manage to challenge the body in a very different and unique way.  I love the variety as my body tends to get stuck in certain movement patterns and it's great to take it away from that.  I suffer from AI/fybro problems and do sometimes find it quite challenging and tiring but my body does also need that!  I keep saying it but your teaching is so natural and I love your unaffected what you see is what you get self.  It's a real pleasure! 
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Hi Katherine S , thank you so much for this thoughtful comment!  Yes, I am a 'what you see is what you get' teacher -- always have been and will remain to be.  I'm honest and real -- and I have AI issues too so I fully understand the difficulty with sometimes not wanting to move on a given day.  Some days it's very hard for me, so I do what I can and honor where I am.  My fatigue goes up and down and when I have a very energetic day, I try to move with that energy, but the other days when things are slower, well, I move slow.  I listen to what I need.  Thanks for seeing me!
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Thank you Amy Havens!  Knowing you understand the roller coaster of fatigue v energy is a huge help and motivation for me.  I'm also learning to respect how my body feels and go with it but it's been a long process.  I have previously really pushed my body way too far with running, cycling and swimming but in recent years have completely backed off and feel so much happier and at peace with my Pilates, Yoga and country walking.  Thank you for the gift you give with your lessons! :)
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Stay in touch Katherine S !
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One of my absolute favorite classes! I have to make adjustments for age and injury, but I’m still mobile and still strong. Amy, your way of guiding movement, and your allowing for differences, add up to a glorious experience. So grateful!
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Beautiful class. Thank you so much!
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I'm sooo in love with this class!...
Thank you very much, Amy.
Thank you so much for taking class with me Laura M Zofia R SILVIA C 
thank you Amy
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