Straightforward Mat Flow
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4242

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Good Solid Class. I liked the stretch, and triceps-dip beginning of the reverse plank series. That was cool. I had fun and a good workout. Thanks Sarah:) 
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Thanks Sarah, that was awesome, just what I needed.
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Thank you for this class Sarah! I struggle with my roll-up sometimes too, so it's nice to know I'm not alone. I know we're all different every day, but sometimes it's tough to remember that!
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Thanks Sarah. I got some great teaching ideas from your class. Nice rollovers.
Gary thank you!  So glad to hear you enjoyed the class. Hope to "see" you again soon.
Olivia Wonderful that the class delivered what you needed. Take care!! 

Michele always happy to share my challenges.  Pilates is a practice...Sometimes roll ups work beautifully and other times, I need some help.  You are defiantly not alone!! 
Rena Yay! Have fun:) 
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fantastic class!!!!!! Thank you!
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Thank you Sarah, that was beautifully. Ready to conquer the day!
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