Flow<br>Kira Lamb<br>Class 4273

Kira Lamb
Class 4273

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Lorna B
The six  classes have been great. I've learned a lot. Love the way Kira keeps reiterating everything to keep us focused.  Hope there will be more classes.
Adam M
Terrific classes. I learned so much from this one in particular and I plan to return to it again and again. Here’s hoping you’ll be back soon.
This is the 1st of her series that I have taken. Great class! I don't have a foot straps so I added 5lb leg weights, which worked well for me. Great cuing. Best explanation of spine stretch forward i have ever heard. In corkscrew i held 2lb handweights which helped me get my hips off the floor. I had fun & I feel great. Tanks Kira:) 
love  the  whole series, thank you :)
Thanks Kira! This was my first class with you. I loved it. Love your flow and your cueing. You really know your stuff. Thanks so much. I'll be back!
Thank you Kira!  Loved the series , it was awesome :)
Kira, you are a miracle!!!! More classes please!

I love how thorough you are. When I complete one of your classes I feel I have connected properly to all the right muscles. I also love how you sing when you announce the most challenging exercises. It makes me smile. I look forward to more.
Some of the best cues I’ve ever had. Thanks Kira!
Thanks, Kira! What a wonderful, mindful workout. I find your cuing  helpful and engaging. Thanks again.
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