A New Direction
Maria Leone
Class 4351

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Amazing class, thanks!

Masterful presentation!
Absolutely loved this! Thank you so very much. Loved every moment! X
What a wonderful class! Thank you Maria 
I loved this class - so much fun to have a little dancing in it. I do contemporary dance so these movements felt just great, and I must say you get the sweat out during the class! Thank you!
Really enjoyed this class! Thank you Maria, enjoyed the dance element and definitely got the heart rate up :D
wonderful class! really enjoyed the fluidity and variety of the transitions...thanks!
Thank you Maria, you have a lovely energy and a clarity in explaining quite intricate sequences.  I've done two of your classes now and have come away both times feeling Zen and energised - and sweaty!
Wow! Thank you for a great class that got my heart rate up and made me feel strong and balanced! 
Amazing flow and finally a good combination with the dance elements! I loved the class,  Thank you so much! 
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