Coordinating Loop and Band
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 4488

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I like the class so much, I ordered the wrong bands. I tried to match the colors you were using. I did see Theraband Brand  in those colors. Do you have a link? 
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Third time I have taken this class. It's tough on my shoulders, but it is also therapeutic for them too. I have taken (and loved) all of Misty Lynne's Classes but this is my favorite. Thanks Again Misty Lynne:) 
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Loved this class, combination of loop and Thera and fabulous. Have never used the loop around my feet, always above ankles... super. I obviously need a much longer and lighter band!,, many thanks 
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i am also wondering about the length and relative tightness of the theraband (i have the kind that are blue, green, red, yellow (yellow being the lightest) thanks
Masina T I'm sorry I missed this message! This is the brand I recommend, as it's latex free. Also, the band I'm using is medium weight - you may want to consider keeping a lightweight band on hand as well--it'll allow you to build up to the heavier weight when you're ready. Please let me know how it goes!
Tara S Hi! The simple rule of thumb (that is totally made up, by the way) is to measure the band to be about six inches taller than you are. That will allow you to shorten/lengthen as needed based on your personal limb length. Let me know how that goes! Here's a link to the band--please note: I'm using a medium weight, but I recommend keeping a light band on hand as well. I hope that helps!
Gary M YAHOO! So glad you're still enjoying the class! Thanks, Gary!
Sharon C Glad you're enjoying the class! Here's a link to the band I swear by (it's latex free, too):
That was awesome! I didn't manage a few of the moves, but certainly a great challenge. Loved the stretches at the end, as well as your bits of humor sprinkled throughout :) 
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Thank you so much for such a great class! Your energy is a perfect combo of tough and fun!
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