Fluid Reformer Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 4526

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Thanks ladies!!
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This is my second favorite reformer class! I love your pace and perfect technique! Such a joy to have your favorites incorporated with the basics. Thanks again!!
Thank YOU Kate S !!
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Another perfect class! Thanks Meredith!
Carla  so sweet!!
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6 months of no reformer for me and not much pilates practice, this was the perfect class, thank you!
Helen S I was in the same boat when I made this class...still am...lol.
Thanks for taking class with me!!
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Lovely class Meri as always! Beautiful flow Thank you.
Linnéa S thank you so much my beautiful friend!
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This is a fantastic class, Thankyou. My back was threatening to do something bad after some heavy duty gardening but now it’s back as it should be!
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