Mindful Wunda Chair Flow<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 4533

Mindful Wunda Chair Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 4533

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Lynzi D
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Love more chair workouts.  Thank you
Gisela G
Just the class I was looking for today - short and condensed! Thank you! And everything looks so pretty
Gisela G Thank you! 
Lynzi D Thank you. We have a few chair classes coming soon! 
Christine S
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Inspiring as usual Kristi. Thank you x
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Thank YOU, Kristi.  Just what my body needed today,  THE CHAIR!  Looking forward to more chair workouts.
Linda S
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Thank you! nice chair class
Love this chair class
Wendy B
Awesome chair class Kristi! You always make it look so effortless! My body thanks you and YES I did indeed feel my hamstrings,  thank you!! 🤗
Thank you!! Love your calm explanations and pin point cues! Great class!
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