Full-Body Mat<br>Melissa Connolly<br>Class 4579

Full-Body Mat
Melissa Connolly
Class 4579

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Lina S
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Excellent class. I've enjoyed the criss cross variation as well as the roll over. Fun and creative use of the small ball. Thank you!
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I used 10 lb vinyl coated hand weights to drape across my ankles for the roll-ups which worked for me. I normally wear 5 lb leg weights but the class was too advanced to make that doable for me. Sand bags or a mat with a strap would work too, except I do not own those props. I  find it beneficial in side planks to thread-the-needle by reaching toward the feet. That move pops multiple lumbar vertebrae (which feels wonderful).  Class is a well-considered mix of strength and lengthening moves. I got a good work-out, sweated a bit, and feel much better. Thanks Again Melissa:)  PS~ like Lina i also got a kick out of the criss-cross variation. 
Great class Melissa! Definitely go sweaty with that one!
Excellent pace and variety for me.  Great challenge for strength and ROM.  Thank you.
Roxana F
Excellent class !! I enjoy it.
Wow that was challenging but really enjoying the work with the ball....thank you! 
Thank you Melissa.  A very enjoyable and challenging class as always.  Especially loved the creative way to use the ball on the criss cross and the rollover.  Thanks
Great class - thank you!
Wow, really fun class, thank you so much!! 🌻
Great session. Thank you!
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