Lower Body Reformer
Gia Calhoun
Class 4627

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I just love all your classes Gia.  This one was just perfect for me today.  Many thanks for what you do!
So smooth! What a wonderful start to my day -thank you!!
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I love her classes. I,m looking forward to work out with you more.♥️
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Love love love these classes - more short, just-right ones like these, please!
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Great class! I especially appreciated your simple clear cues!!
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Great class - perfect for the level that I am working at . 
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Just what I needed! Thanks Gia for the quick, fun session.
Perfect flow after a 7 mile hike today! Feels great. Thank you!
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Great class….. short & sweet! 
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Thanks Great class I like your cueing and the fact you let me know regarding the springs clearly everytime
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