Day 8: I am Playful<br>Kira Lamb<br>Class 4725

Day 8: I am Playful
Kira Lamb
Class 4725

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Laughing hard, just the other day!
Lina S
My most recent playful experience was...practicing various balance poses in a yoga class and finding it fun!
As we celebrated a late Christmas with three of our grandkids (4.5, 3.5, 
6 mos) we were all laughing as we were on the floor and they were climbing all over me..... very playful and loads of fun!
Sofie van der Sommen
thank you Kira,I love this "playful workout", the rolling in combination with the double leg stretch was fun! Me most resent playful moment was with me dog :) but ..I'm going to play more in me daily pilates practice , thank you!!!
Erica Young
My most recent playful experience was...skydiving! 
This class was so fun...and sweaty! Thank you, Kira!
My most recent playful experience was having fun with my son and watching a hilarious movie! Laughing out loud is always part of my life and I enjoy it very much. I love your variations of the different exercises and how you combine them together. Thanks so much Kira!
Diana B
My most recent playful experience was sledding down a steep hill with my 7-yr old and catching major air at the bottom. Wheeeee, this 47-yr old still feels like a kid sometimes. 
Ivana S
my most recent playful experience was running into 30 cm of snow just because I want have fun and laugh...
Laughing with my children ….I need to do that more. 
Thank you for this challenge….
Ruth S
My most recent playful experience was doing this class with you Kira - thank you 
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