Wunda Wobble<br>Carla Mullins<br>Class 4870

Wunda Wobble
Carla Mullins
Class 4870

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Gisela G
Thank you for this class! The combination Wunda chair/foam roller is a good idea. Effective balance exercises, some of which are indeed quite challenging. I found the one with the knee bent on the pedal really helpful also for foot/ankle/knee/hip alignment. I will certainly explore further into these exercises.
Carla Mullins
Gisela G I am so glad you enjoyed. It works nicely in combination with the unburden your shoulder class.  I like to progress the hand presses into the foam roller with the single leg press on the wundachair ( forward and side on)
Christine S
Thank you Carla this is deceptively challenging and humbling. Will definitely continue to work with this series  :)
Thanks Carla, I really enjoyed this class.  It's definitely challenging.  I can see the benefits for so many of my clients :)
Excellent combination , thank you 🙏
Carla Mullins
Christine S I love the term humbling.  I think I need to incorporate that into my vocab a bit more.   I like to combine wunda wobble and the unburdening the shoulder class together. They combine to make a lovely hour of humbling movement

Carla Mullins
Leonie C I would love to see how the wunda wobble translates for some of your  MS and CP clients.  I find the use of the foam roller a great way to help stability, without making it too obvious.  
Andree L
Hi Carla< Always enjoy your creative workshops
Thank you Carla, what a wonderful creative way to work all the importance structures and muscles of or body on the Wunder chair. I had fun doing it, my favourite was the sashe to release hip and QL on the R side.
Carla Mullins
Andree L  creativity and fun are so important in our lives these days.  I am sure you are going to take these ideas and make them super fun for your surfers.
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