Powerhouse: The Mari Winsor Story
Mari Winsor
Documentary 4939

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Bravo!  What an amazing life.  Mari is such an inspiration always and her beauty radiates beyond time.
This is so beautifully done Kristi, an amazing portrait of an amazing woman, delivered by someone (you) whose own accomplishments and sensibilities and love of movement, dancing, Pilates, and bringing others into their own bodies provide the perfect mirror with which to reflect Mari's beautiful life~
Gil Hedley that is the highest compliment this Pilates/dancing/lover of movement/friend of Mari could ever hope to receive.  Thank you~ 
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Wow! Thank you PA and Kristi for producing and sharing this story. I have to admit I knew very little about Mari's back story so this documentary was the most heartwarming, intimate and inspirational way to get to know Mari.  What an amazing woman! 
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