Upper Body Foam Roller<br>Gia Calhoun<br>Class 4949

Upper Body Foam Roller
Gia Calhoun
Class 4949

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Jennifer E
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So happy to see a new foam roller class! Perfect to start my morning. Thank you, Gia!!!
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Hand weights makes the roll up soooo much easier and so this exercise in your class while a level 1/2 was actually harder than some of the level 2 and 2/3.  I  can see that I definitely need to practice without the weights. lol
My shoulders and neck thank you for all the rest.  
Joni N ~ I agree, this version of the Roll Up is definitely a challenge! That extra weight can make a huge difference even though it's more taxing on the upper body. I'm glad that your neck and shoulders got a release from the rest of the class! I'm so glad you enjoyed this class too, Jennifer E!
Lina S
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Good mix of core work and stretching!
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Really clear cues and you have a lovely voice to listen to. Thanks 
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Really enjoyed this as a morning wake up 
Lisa V
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That was lovely, thank you!
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I loved this class and feel great! I paired it with Kristi's new overball class #4948 - perfect together! By the time we got to the roll up on the roller, which is usually very challenging, I found I was very ready for it! Thanks, Gia!
Angela T
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wonderful class! thank you Gia
Ruth S
Great stretch after a challenging day at work. Thank you Gia
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