Hip Flexor Release Mat
Ilaria Cavagna
Class 5129

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FANTASTIC! Love that feeling in my hips. Thanks a lot Ilaria :)))
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Thank you Ilaria. I love the variation and your cuing. My hip flexor feel really open and released. 
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Thank you. I've always had tight hip flexors because of lower back issues. This has helped me so much.
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This was fabulous, I loved every minute of it, thank you so much!!!
Anne P. You are very welcome  Anne! Happy you enjoyed the class!
Birgit N Wonderful Brigit! 🙌🏻
Laura E happy that this class was able to help! Low back is often the cause of tightness at the hips. Use a similar approach every time you workout, it will help!
Monica M Thank you for the feedback Monica! 😘 Happy you enjoyed the class!
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Great class. Hips and low back feel great
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A great class for tight hip flexor me. Loved your take on those stretches at the end, thank you!
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