Add on Mat™<br>Kara Wily<br>Class 515

Add on Mat™
Kara Wily
Class 515

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Thank you very much for this wonderfully energising workout. Kara is right, some exercise do get easier during the flow.
With some advanced clients I do this format (taught to me by Power Pilates): classical beginner order till the saw, concentrating on precision, then again till the saw concentrating on centering (using the magic circle), then till the saw concentrating on flow, then we continue till the push-ups. They all find their teasers much easier after having completed the ab-series for three times.

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This workout was awesome!! The energy was exciting and the flow was a great challenge. I had never thought about an "add on mat" sequence before. Again thanks for always providing wonderful material and a refreshing resourse for everything pilates!
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I have a knee injury and I really enjoyed the cardio I got with this format. I have a question for Kara. Do you follow a specific time that you go from the full reps to the 5's, to the 3's to the ones? As well, I love the thigh stretch put in. My knee can't do that yet but, I totally get this in my body. thanks for your enthusiasm. Bravo! Sue
Thanks everyone for your comments and enthusiasm. Sue, I do not follow a specific time that I start to decrease the reps. I go with the feel of the class or the client remembering that I was taught the only reason we repeat in Pilates is to do it better. Once everyone is performing the exercise well, then there is not a need to repeat it--move on and try to get all of the mat work in. Woo hoo! We got about 3/4 of the way through in this class--but the goal should be to move all the way through to the push ups with out skipping. Watch that knee. But that is what is so great about Pilates--plenty to do even when you need to work around something. Thank you.
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Annette Wright
Wow...brilliant class, fast and to the point. Power House definately put through its pace
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I am using this format this morning for a cardio mat bootcamp. I will let you know how it goes.
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Just led the "add-on" session....was awesome - needed more time..really shows how each exercise builds off the previous and leads to the next. Thank you - again!
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An Amazing Workout !!
I tell my clients that we don't train until we get it right, we train until we can't get it wrong, and this philosophy is
demonstrated perfectly in the sequences here. I felt cardio in the class as well, hard to do on a mat for sure, or as we say on island fo tru meh son ! I am going to try to do this in part on my SUP but will surely need to modify ;)
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This work out is fun and I am still feeling amazing an hour after doing this. I feel long and confident- thanks so much for this amazing class!!
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