Theraband Mat Flow<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 537

Theraband Mat Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 537

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Moncia do jump on a plane!!
A Kristi class I'd never taken! What a lovely surprise. So was the depth and challenge of a level 1/2. This is my return-to-basics week and it's only added to my appreciation of Pilates and the skillful instruction on PA.The crossed leg oblique exercise is one I have NEVER seen before. Terrific too.
Confirming that the second time through this class is even better. The hours just blows by!
I forgot about that crossed leg oblique!!! Thanks Joni!
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Yup, it's official! Three times taken and now in "my favorites". Like most folks I check to see what's available among the newest videos but I encourage a trip back through time to discover some new old friends.This class definitely deserves more attention!!
Thanks for this class, Kristi! I couldn't do pilates for week in this was a nice way to come back to my routine... :)
I'm in absolute awe Kristi! Thanks for today …. I had a great class - wish I could be in one of your 'real' classes :) someday
I hope you are in one of my real classes one day too Wessam!
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Sara Thank you! 
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