Grounding Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 5400

Grounding Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 5400

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Rachel  T
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Thank you for a great class! Everything flowed which helped me feel connected to my center the entire time. 
Jess H
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This was so challenging but in a great way. Your cues were spot on which helped a lot. The thing I found hard with this class was staying slow and controlled. I find it difficult to do the roll over and find my middle gets too squished and I find it hard to breath, making me roll down to quickly. Do you have any tips which could help with this? Great class and thanks so much đŸ™đŸ»
Avital B
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So much fun! Feeling strong and grounded after this class. As usual your cues are great. Thank you 
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Love this one, and just when I thought it was an overall "calmer" workout, there came the hard plank series Thanks for a great start to the week! Hope to see more regular mat classes with you this fall.
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Thank you Meredith... just love the simplicity of a pure mat class... flowing, meditative... and good strength...
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Amazing practice - love the continuous flow and transitions from one exercise to the next with no sense of hurry! Thank you
Amy K
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This was exactly what I needed today after a terrible night of sleep and crushing fatigue. I struggled to want to do anything today, but Meredith's calming voice and meditative cues kept me going to the end. 
Thank you to you all for your sweet feedback and for taking class with me!
Marissa guaranteed Christmas and New Years class!!
Jess H sometimes the difficulty with the roll over slowed down can be related to tight back muscles.  I would recommend overall stretching in the sides and spine and also it helps to really use your arms as an anchor.
Hope that helps!! Please share your success.
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