Reformer Workout
Kristi Cooper
Class 61

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Thank you Shannon.
I'm new to Pilates Anytime and this class was a great first experience!
Welcome Deb! I'm so happy to hear it! There is so much more! Let us know if you need any help navigating the site. You may enjoy the "Playlists" section to help with class selection. The Playlist tab is at the top of every page. You can link to it here.
I did this class again and it felt great. Sometimes your body needs easy reformer routine. Thank you Kristi.
My pleasure Jodie! Thanks for saying so!
Loved it! Just bought a commercial grade reformer after years of using the Aeropilates reformer with bands, I am learning the practice all over from the ground up! It is night and day difference between the reformers! Was recommended by the instructor who sold me my reformer to watch Kristi's videos! I really enjoyed your instruction!!!
Oh Wonderful Sue! Really great to hear all around! Please thank the instructor who suggested my videos for me next time you see her/him and welcome!
Great class. Perfect for the home reformer. I don't have a box yet, I. was glad for video with modification s without the box.
Hi Karene! I'm so glad to hear this class suited your Reformer at home and without a box. In case you haven't seen it, I'll draw your attention to another video I made that offers suggestions/modifications for you to use in other classes that do use a box. I really appreciate your feedback.
Best Level 1 Class ****
This is an excellent level 1 class. Instructor gives wonderful information, exercises are good for beginners and individuals with problem areas. Two reformers permit viewer to see clearly what is going on from both side and leg angles. This is a helpful and fun class! Let's have an hour level 1 from Kristi Cooper, BRAVO!
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