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Jennifer it is so true what you said, I am in Ireland, and I am constantly watching videos on Pilates Anytime, taking notes of teaching q's watching and learning, I love it and am so grateful to Kristy for this website
I watched and listened closely to your interview. Thank you for sharing your experience. You have had some remarkable times! Also, thank you for "paying forward" your skills by keeping what you have by giving it for us :) I am grateful for insight/suggestions for those of us who are new to this level of participation/teaching in the fitness industry. Great dedication! Hope to see more.(Glad you are an artist and not a "fitness bunny" - LOL)
So poised, elegant and genuine. Thank you for your influence from the very first video in which I saw you – a combo of Pilates and modern dance. Thank you for sharing your truth.
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I am always behind the "8 ball" but forever searching. Listened to this again this morning, an renewed my desire.... to keep the learning process in motion. Thank you Jennifer and thank you Kristi for making this possible.
Thank for a reminder of my early introduction to pilates and healing movement, University of Utah Modern Dance Department in the early 80's! Yikes, I'm old! The discovery of movement that heals has evolved for me, and I appreciate this online pilates connection. Thanks Online Pilates as well!
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