Reformer Flow<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 64

Reformer Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 64

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Mirella Martire
great beg class.. Thank u...
Aparentemente sencilla pero con esas indicaciones detalladas resulta algo más dura. Muy buenas las aclaraciones a cada ejercicio. Muchas gracias Kristi
El gusto es mio Inma!
Great class!!
Every time I take a class from Kristi I learn something new. Her specific instructions help me correct myself, and also make it so I'm not trying to watch the screen instead of paying attention to my body. On top of it all, she makes it look easy! Thank you so much for your effort! I look forward to my time in your classes!
Thank you Stacey! I actually try to make it so the class doesn't have to focus on me, so this is a huge compliment to me. I never thought about it as being possible online though so thank you very much.
I would love to be one of your participants online! I love your cueing, and excellent corrections!
Amy come take a lesson!
Seriously! Come on up (over,down... where do you live?)
I live in North Carolina! On the other side of the US! If ever I am that way,(knock on wood), I will definetely take a class, two, three or four with you!
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