Mat for Baby Boomers<br>Risa Sheppard<br>Class 659

Mat for Baby Boomers
Risa Sheppard
Class 659

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Excellant! Thank you so much!
Thank you Ian!
Thank you for getting me moving my body again without pushing it so hard. After baby number 2, I'm a bit slower to get back into my core strength and I've been frustrated with classes that push me faster and then I hurt myself. I'd say this is a good beginning spot for me. AND my shoulders...oh do they need help. lol All the baby carrying and nursing just ruins those shoulders.
Dear Risa - I am not quite a baby boomer, but I am very interested in keeping my spine flexible. I did enjoy most elements of this class, but I found the second last exercise, sitting on the floor with our legs apart and turning and stretching over the leg very difficult. I don't know that many baby boomers would be able to sit in and hold that position with straight legs. It would be very helpful if you would provide some alternative positions for those of us who are not as flexible as you and your models. While on models, it would also be very helpful to have models who represent the population and have flexibility and strenght issues that reflect the population. That way, I would have a model that I could relate to and a model who could demonstrate alternative positions for those of us who are less flexible. Thank you.
Dear Carolyn,
Thank you so much for the great feedback! I totally agree that some of the movements may be a little challenging for some.
I agree that a video that includes models and modifications that reflect other segments of baby boomers, or seniors would be beneficial.
I will keep that in mind for the next PA visit!
thank you
Love it! Great stretch workout.
Mandy B
I absolutely loved this class. Risa is an amazing teacher and has a vast knowledge of Pilates and the body. I love the focus on centering. Please teach more classes!
I love the centered stretch
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