Reformer Workout
Karen Sanzo
Class 672

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I LOVED this instructor! Loved her down to earth approach. Would love to see more reformer classes from her! Please, Please, please
Really loved the class, Karen. As always, clear, precise & "real-life" cues. Putting this one in my "file" to use! Thank you so much for your inspiring work.
Love the flow of this class!! Cues are fabulous!!!
That was so fantastic!!!!!
Fabulous Karen! I had the pleasure of taking your workshop at the PMA (2011) and two mat classes with you in 2010. I just love the way you cue! Thanks PA for bringing us another great teacher! Bravo!
Great class Karen! Used the quadruped series today in class.
Thanks for sharing!
I really enjoyed watching this class-concise cues, great flow and pace. I would love to see more of Karen on the mat and maybe in a tower class?
Thanks PA for showing yet another innovative and exciting instructor!
The Reformer is so versatile! Thanks for taking the time to view and comment. I had a client say once that a workout on the Reformer was the "cleanest" workout he ever had. I love that concept, clean work.
and thanks, also for the personal notes from those who have taken live classes.
She is so impressive! I am sending my longtime client to her when she moves to Dallas next week. I can see she will be in wonderful hands! Looks like I will have to fly in for a visit myself!
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