Understand Spine Extension<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Tutorial 686

Understand Spine Extension
Karen Sanzo
Tutorial 686

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Love, Love, Love- Great delivery, I'm new to Karen Sanzo, but I'm officially a fan after this video, thanks!
Corey Rad
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Excellent information. I just love you PA!
YAY! Thank you Corey Anne!
Awesome! Excited to try this with my clients and myself. What do u think about using a 55inch stability ball for a class setting? Too much instability or same concept?
Karen Sanzo
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You could certainly use the ball. I tend to save the ball when the client is ready for a challenge of this exercise. I find that the table or even flexing over the ladder barrel provides good feedback and can offer the client some needed support to differentiate between spinal extension AND hip extension.
Therefore to get out of the 'lower back' in a prone position when doing upper back extension exercises, it is not necessary or not recommended to do a posterior pelvic tilt, which would lightly press the pubic bone into the mat. Is is more important to immobilize the hip flexors and work within that range while staying in neutral spine? Thank you!
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Great explanation -- if you're trying to do this at home or recommend it to someone who will do it at home...obviously most people will not have a hard flat table that they can try this on....my suggestion is to use the back (tall part) of the sofa/couch -- it's more accessible to those who have something like a sofa or even a love seat.
Short and sweet, and choc-full of good tips. Thank you!
Back Muscles are being engaged without compression when swan is executed correctly. This video is brilliant. I think communication can get confused on "I feel it in my back". Knowing the difference between engaging back muscles or compression of the spine is the difference.
Thank You I have had this issue as I am a newbe Very beneficial!
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