Precision Mat<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 699

Precision Mat
Brett Howard
Class 699

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Brett, You are a fabulous teacher.Your cueing is perfect and you are charming and funny but deliver a kick ass workout.Can you please do more classes some level 3 maybe.Thankyou again.Shelley
Thank you, thank you so much everyone for the nice words! It really gives me great joy to be able to share something that I'm very passionate about. I'm so exited to be a part of Pilates Anytime. The whole experience has been amazing and it just keeps getting better. Thank you again Kristi for the opportunity to share in something that I love! I'm so happy to be a part of the Pilates Anytime community as well as the Pilates community as a whole.
All the best!
...and remember "Don't get fresh"
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"Thanks" says my body.
"Thanks" says my spirit.
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I loved this class, very interesting to focus on the weak point. Will be tuning in again. Played it on Apple TV, such a blast!
Fantastic class !!! Would like to see more from him in the future
Brett, Really great class! Thanks for the great input for my classes. Can't wait to watch your WC class.
Hi. Wonderful class, really really nice. I am a Swiss girl, could someone tell me the meaning of "keeping it PG"?
Thank you
and also, what do you mean by not getting fresh? Ciao
HI Paola ~ "Keeping it PG" is in reference to the US movie rating system. PG means Parental Guidance advised, but there's nothing too sexy here to see for your children to see. "Not getting fresh" is a little harder to explain. When someone is "getting fresh" with you, they are saying something or doing something to provoke you. It is usually used in reference to a flirtatious way of being, or when a young person talks back to an older person with disrespect. Brett seems to be saying do not get fresh by letting your hips wobble forwards and back as if we are all trying to flirt with him. We might have been! Hope this helps.
Thank you helped. See, i am learning pilates and also improve my English skill. Thank you so much. Where i live In Switzerland) we speak italian!!! Have a good day
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