Precision Mat
Brett Howard
Class 699

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Love this class and all Brett's classes, a guaranteed good, challenging workout with seamless cues, a bit of humor, and a touch of his signature torture......fantastic! Please bring us more mat classes from Brett Howard. Thank you
Love your videos Brett, so clever!!! The weakest link makes you strong. :)
Holy cannoli, Brett! This is one for the faves! Loved the elbows glued on to the knees in rolling like a ball. Roll Up challenge stopping at weakest point was incredibly spicy and strenuous! Your cues are incredible and your energy is infectious, in the best way! Thank you for such a challenging and energizing session.
Brilliant, challenging, beautifully cued!
Always fun and challenging... I did get fresh with the teaser 😝
Whoa! In love with the rhythm. Pow pow pow! My sticky points at 3! But I know I’ll get it. Thank you!
Thank you Brett! Outstanding queing. “Don’t get fresh” is my new movement motto. :D
Reminded me the beauty and challenge of msg work! Nice work!
Reminded me the beauty and challenge of msg work! Nice work!
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