Mat Basics<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 70

Mat Basics
Meredith Rogers
Class 70

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Great! I love all of the small details!
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I really liked it!
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This was very helpful for an absolute beginner like me. I'll watch and do this one again before moving on!
Great idea Sharon. It is so valuable to start with the basics!
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Is there a way you can increase the volume? I have it turned all the way up on my netbook and I can barely hear it. Thanks.
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Hi Carly,
Thank you for pointing out the volume was low for Meredith's class. The issue should be resolved now so I hope you enjoy taking the class.
I found the volume too low. It was difficult for me to hear even with my Macbook turned all the way up. Otherwise it was a very decent instruction in basics,
Bronte~ I have forwarded this volume problem to our video editing department so that they can fix it in the next week or so. Thank you for pointing it out.
Thanks Hannah. And thanks for taking class with me Bronte.
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