Weight Bearing Progression<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Tutorial 739

Weight Bearing Progression
Karen Sanzo
Tutorial 739

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Love it! Thank you for these progressions!
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What a great idea to add to the end of a clients lesson to rejuvenate their spirit! Fun!
Karen's videos are super little spritzers on essential core knowledge; and hitting on the points with directness, they are a joy to watch!
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We need more short lessons this, containing progression, modification , variation of known excercises. This was perfect , as often you don't have time to watch so many 60 mim classes. Hoping for more, also rehab problems.
Karen, great ideas and excellent teaching skills as always! Thank you for helping me to learn.
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Love it I want more Ladder Barrel Workouts Please
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I work with Karen everyday at her studio in Dallas. The way her mind works never ceases to amaze me: direct cueing and clear concepts allow the component parts to come alive within the exercise. She's a gem.
love it....yes i agree...more barrel...
My answer is...uh........ Quadruped? You taught me well, Karen! This actually is just what I needed so that I can help my client who has wrist issues. Thank you!
I love Karen and the way she teaches!
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