Mat Workout
Lisa Hubbard
Class 814

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Thank you Lisa for this great morning workout! and it is really nice to see you back on PA! Hope to see more from you!
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Yes, Thank You Lisa for a wonderful class ! Perfect flow and cues
I also LOVE your Rhythm Pilates workout :)
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Exceptional, thanks! Im really getting spoiled here at PA! Wonderful!
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One of the few classes I've taken where I needed absolutely no modifications....(I've got a titatnium plate and 6 screws at cervical level) and my neck was beautifully supported the entire time. Thanks.
What "sold" me on trying the class was seeing Meredith, Deb and Kristi as your students. If they are "in" then so am I! <g>
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Fluid and seamless class. Energy flowed throughout class without abrupt stops along the way. Instructor was organized which helps a lot. Good cueing. I did it without cranking my neck to see the screen. That takes lots of talent to teach that way. Please come back.
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great class....
I liked the variations on the side lying leg work! Thanks
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I agree with Pele. Would lve to be able to cue in such a way that clients can just do it without the need to stretch their necks!
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Great class. A little too advanced for me. How about level 1 or 1/2. Thanks Lisa and Kristy!
Thank you everyone for your comments. I appreciate the positive feedback and glad that you didn't have to crank your necks to do the class, thank you!
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