Mat Workout
Lisa Hubbard
Class 814

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Thank you Julie for your lovely comments of this class; happy you felt a sense of flow! Regarding the comment of the SL Kick-it may have to do with tight hip flexors & weak extensor muscles. Very common indeed! Thank you again :)
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Gave, simply said and I'm honored, thank you!
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Hello Lisa. Love your classes ! I am going through Polestar Pilates certification. Have to take an exam this November. Feel a bit nerveous ah, ah ........;) Attanding your class was very helpfull to me. I like the Super women part. Thank you so much Lisa and Pilates Anytime. ;)
Thank you so much Salima! Happy to know that my class was helpful to you :) Best wishes to your exam this'll be great!
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Just did this class all the way in Australia. Love it. Thanks Lisa
Giorgia, Love that we are able to connect anywhere in the world! Thank you & Pilates Anytime!
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Such beautiful pacing- perfect for a Sunday morning session :) thank you!
Music to my ears Patti, thank you!
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Awesome workout!
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