I.C. Rapoport<br>Chuck Rapoport<br>Discussion 817

I.C. Rapoport
Chuck Rapoport
Discussion 817

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So loved this. I love the fire engine story of the body... brilliant x
Thank you Sarah! I love this discussion too!
Absolutely brilliant listening to theses stories, the stories behind the photos... fascinating and hearing about JFK and Marilyn Monroe too, thanks for this
Shireen K
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Really loving the Legacy Project! Another great interview with a fascinating person and great storyteller. Loved the story about Joe’s homemade “gun” and the gestapo. Had me cracking up. I got a sense of Joe’s personality from Chuck’s storytelling. Please keep doing more interviews with these folks who worked directly with Joe or Clara or the elders. Thanks again!
Shireen K I agree with you totally! Thank you for exploring the Legacy Project. Stay tuned we have some great ones coming soon! 
Loved this! Thank-you X
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