Reformer Workout<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 827

Reformer Workout
Tracey Mallett
Class 827

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The workout is great, but I think I love your sunny disposition the best! It always makes me happy!
So energizing! Just what I needed! Thank you Tracey!
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Loved this one....again! Putting in my fav list. Hoping my snake twist gets better & I can take 9-1-1 off speed dial b4 attempting! Thanks Tracey...this session can be done straight from your verbal cueing!
Loved it thanks Tracey! I am not able to do snake twist hips seemed too tight today to allow for the foot cross - I wonder do the feet need to be crossed?
Loved this workout! Great pace and instruction!! Well done!
Great workout for shorter time!
Merci beaucoup Tracey :))
I love workout quick and very efficient :)
Toning + stretching ::: the best feeling!
You are very good at teaching and keep my attention :)
Awesome job!
This was a great class. Thank you so much for your awesome cuing. I have found myself frustrated with the lack of that in other videos, so it's great appreciated. Can you make more 30 minute classes pretty please???
I felt invigorated after this class.
Awesome class! My new favorite PA class, thanks Tracy !
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