Reformer Workout
Lisa Hubbard
Class 832

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Thank you Bethany for taking the class! Happy to know that you'll be sharing some of it with your clients :) So appreciated!
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Great class. I love your style and flow. Thank you :)
Heather thank you Heather I am so appreciative of your kind comments!
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The mermaid variation was AMAZING
One of my favorites 😊 thank youMary Grace} 🙏
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Amazing! Absolutely love this! ♥️
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Sheridan how I appreciate your kind comments! Thank you so much. 😊
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Amazing class. I liked the unique series of exercises, especially the back extension at the end. 50 min flew by!
Hi Kate thank you for sharing your wonderful comments. I loved hearing that your workout flew by & that you enjoyed the series, especially the back extension, a favorite of mine! 
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