Full-Body Exploration<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 885

Full-Body Exploration
Meredith Rogers
Class 885

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Love this class! I might have to "borrow" some of your moves Meredith, thanks!
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Fun and creative 30 min. workout. Thanks.
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Excellent class!!!! Love working with the ball!!! Thanks Meredith!!!
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Was really liking the class, but it stopped right in the middle about 15 mins in.. too bad..
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Paula~ I would recommend restarting your computer and then watching the class in Auto-Detect (an option that can be chosen below the video player screen).
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I use the ball a lot in classes but Meredith had some new information and the way she meld exercises together is seamless. I love her teaching style: she segues great into each exercise, is funny and clear and the content/amount of cueing is not "too much". Thank you!
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So easy to follow. A challenge.
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I admire your creativity
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Love your class as usual. great cues and i like that sometimes as teachers we realilze that maybe we have not been specific enough. Its okay to not be perfect as teachers. It makes the teacher so much more human rather than just a "recorded" class as usual.
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