Reformer Workout
Wendy L.
Class 930

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Love, love Wendy!!!! Ease with effort, energizing, whole body connections, opening, yielding, lifting, breath, allowing the body to let it happen, be with your own body intelligence and so much more! Being a part of the BB mentoring program with Wendy this past year has embodied a whole new energized inner teacher that continually deepens in so many ways! Thank you Wendy--this is a wonderful, 'amazing' class for whole body movement rather than just exercises!!
Absolutely Beautiful :)
Thank You SO Much for sharing your depth of understanding, I loved feeling the relation from neck to spine to sits bones to metatarsal heads and was paying extremely close attention since I knew from the beginning how deep this work (ease with effort) would be... I think from now on I will say Im off to energize instead of exercise !!!
Thank you both so much....we are planting seeds of energizing rather than exercising AND being with ourselves as deeply intelligent human beings who are growing and learning at every moment! I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon! xwendy
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I am in a teacher training course and this class was fabulous as far as deepening my understanding of the whole body connection. Very beneficial and I will be watching / listening to this again. Thank you.
Thank you for sharing, Amy. That is my goal - to honor the many styles of teaching traditions in the Pilates community, yet remind us to listen from the essence of movement, which is from our body's perspective of "wholeness" in relationship with the gravitational field
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like, like, like.. thanks for sharing Wendy! I love your energy.. :)
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Great news! I am an Alexander technique teacher as well as Pilates and totally teach this way too....organism, whole body breath. Although some students are just not ready to go so internal. But seeds......
Yes, Kimberly, we are planting seeds..... which, as you know, we create awareness of by not over-gripping our abdominals, over-straightening our necks, over-breathing, so that we are cultivating the soil of our innate wisdom through deepening our relationship with gravity and "effort with ease". Let's build on this discussion of how somatic studies can fortify our Pilates practice and teaching! This is why I studied with somatic pioneers like Judith Aston, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Emilie Conrad, and have also studied yoga, Alexander, Feldenkrais, Structural Integration, Buteyko and other forms of breathwork over the years. There is a place we can come from in our own practice and teaching of Pilates that is more embodied and less right/wrong......but first we must feel it within ourselves - it's an internal one can tell us how to do it.
Fabulous class. Rushed off to do the foot work which felt so different in my body, can't wait to feed that information and experience to the clients in my classes. Thank you so much
Thank you for sharing!! This class has given me a whole new awareness.
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