Reformer Variations
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Workshop 975

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Monica you are amazing
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I'll say she is!! I hope she got to take a couple breaks during the filming of that! Super break-downs and information, thank you so much.
Monica did not get a break...
Not able to view the entire lesson. It stops and getting stubborn, starting from the beggining again.Hope it gets fixed.Thanks.
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Got it. Didn't see the $$.
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I am so pleased that Pilates Anytime introduced me to Kathryn Ross-Nash. Your teaching technique is very inspiring. Great information. Great energy. Thank you.
So happy you enjoyed!
enjoying video - just wished they had mentioned she's teaching in flat back - just found out when doing graduated extensions to flatten back - i practice in neutral spine - this shouldn't affect my learning - I will just modify and not include those instructions
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Do not like saying anything negative however, as an instructor constructive criticism has helped me evolve as an instructor.
I enjoyed some of the variations...however did not feel the class justified a charge. I have viewed many classes on Pilates Anytime without an additional charge and felt I received quite a bit more education.
good class , thank you
but i'd like to know when the resistance changes..
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