Reformer Variations
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Workshop 975

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Thank you for your feedback Luann. We will take your comment into consideration going forward when we decide on whether or not a class geared towards teachers merit's an additional fee or not.
Thank you for this extremely valuable feedback! Please accept my apologies for not including resistance. As this was the first time filmed for a contempory pilates site, I could use all the information possible to best communicate what is needed. In the classical work there is a standard setting that is altered for students needs. I never thought to include this information ! Thank you thank you thank you !!!
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As a teacher and forever student of the classical work, I found these variations so valuable and loved the emphasis on preventing failure. Setting our clients up for success makes everyone happy! I will use this over and over! Thanks so much ladies....whew...I know Monica your abs had to be sore!!
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I have just started reading the reviews - and I agree that the practice and building of the one hundreds would demand a flat back - very, very hard and potentially harmful to do with a neutral spine unless your an extremely advanced student. I teach in neutral spine which I respect because it honors the natural anatomly so unfortunately Ii won't be able to introduce some of the class to my students at this time and would only do do in a private one on one situation.
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I loved this class and felt it was worth the extra charge. I watch it over and over to fully take in all the details Kathy offers in her instruction. Kathy is an outstanding instructor. I find her generous, compassionate and appropriately challenging. Way to go Monica! I love how she is able to get more and more from the body within each exercise. It demonstrates a profound knowledge and continued commitment to the true body of work Joseph Pilates created. I appreciate that she assumes that I as an instructor or pilates practitioner have a certain understanding and knowledge of the true body of work myself.
THANK YOU!!! Sam you are so kind! I am beyond thrilled that you enjoyed this!
One reason I did not mention flat back is because it will cause many people to tuck. I prefer to focus on creating length in the spine. If we focus on creating length, we do not give more value to one part of the back then an other. The low back will hopefully one day find the Mat because we have created so much space in the spine it has the freedom to do so. Because of SPACE created, not because we pressed our backs into the Mat and tipped our tailbones up. Whatever way you say it- ALL pilates training is about creating space, space to move. With that said- neutral spine- or flat back can use this video, because the focus is on length
Thank you Miss Nash, I have truly learned a tremendous amount from this video. I could not take notes fast enough. If other instructors are not familiar with pure classical pilates taught from Mr. Pilates they may not appreciate how helpful this video is. I hope to see many more classes taught by you. Mary Lyon, Lagrange Ilinois.
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Money well spent. I'll be watching this over and over and over. Thank you Kathy!
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