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I've been a Pilates student for many years and have been fortunate to have good instruction available to me. I'm delighted to have found this site since I moved and have not been as pleased with the quality of instruction unless in a private. Now I'm able to maintain regular practice without breaking the bank! Kristi, you are a well kept secret though. I was introduced by a friend but never found you in my prior searches. And teachers won't likely mention your site for fear of losing clients. Do you have good Seo & Sem marketers advancing your effort? Anyway, I,m thrilled I found you. Great instruction and cuing. Love the train and the ocean view, too.
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I have enjoyed this site so much. I was unable to attend the group mat classes at my gym because the time didn't work with my schedule or the kids. I have taken Pilates mat classes before having kids and I loved them!
I started looking into private lessons and quickly realized that the cost would prohibit me from taking more than just a few classes.
Pilates Anytime is exactly what I needed! I have zero equipment other than a mat, and I get an incredible workout 4-5 times a week. The price is excellent and well worth it. I enjoy having the variety of instructors and class time lengths. Thank you so much!
Well Jill, it is not only our pleasure but our mission to do just as you describe. Thank you for sharing your feedback.
Thanks to all of you. I practice at least 3 times a week with you. I hope to come and visit you in the next months and do some lessons with you. I had the pleasure to know Kirya Sabin last year. My teacher is a Fletcher Pilates instructor and Kirya is coming for the exams. In July, will return.
I hope to arrange the trip and to do lesson with Kristy and other fantastic instructors. A big hug from Italy.
I hope so too Alessia! Thanks for all your support!
Dear Kristi, Ted, John and all the wonderful teachers & presenters at Pilates Anytime. Your site has truly been a gift to our community. To have available some of the best teachers just at the click of the mouse, is something I never would have imagined!
I am a sole practitioner & teacher with a small studio and it is easy to get stale. During the recession funds were very limited for continuing education and I was worried my practice was suffering as a result. Your site, honestly has helped keep me going. Enabling me to stay in touch with our wonderful community, keeping me inspired and educated.
Thank you all again and I love the new site design!
Happy Holidays, wishing you continued success through the up and coming years~
Thank you so much Sharon! Your experience is wonderful news for us. Happy Holidays to you and yours ~
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PA has been such a great source of continuing education for me. ( I have been an instructor for 9 yrs and a studio owner for 1.) I also really appreciate how PA is creating such a community feel in the Pilates world. We all have something valuable to offer. Thanks for the consistent source of information and inspiration!
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WONDERFUL!!!!!!! I am so thankful for your site!!!! I LOVE IT SO VERY VERY VERY MUCH. It CERTAINLY DOES add fulfillment to my days and life---I can't quantify the amount of fulfillment. THANK YOU SO SO SO SO VERY VERY MUCH. It is such a gift. :)
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THANK YOU!!! I love this in my life; I feel like I am the classic candidate. Having a long dance and yoga background, it's like being with friends in each class! I love the interface, the way I can choose my own classes, the amount of classes. I love the way the teachers are "real." This is a brilliant idea Kristi Cooper! YEAH!!!
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