How do I download a video to watch it offline? (FAQs)

How do I download a video to watch it offline? (FAQs)

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A year ago I audio taped two of my favorite PilateAnytime classes. I then took them with me when on business in Italy for over two weeks. I could do those classes in my hotel room because I was so familiar with the cues the teachers gave. Now I do not have to do that anymore. Thank you!
One more comment: yes, to an airplane mode class to use on those long international flights. Once on a flight from London to LA, an actress (who will go unnamed) was next to me and we did Pilates exercises together. We both would have been much happier if we had been looking at a video!
I love it. It works well with the iPad but crash with my iPhone 6. Everytime I click Downloads. The App is going off :(
Ted Johnson
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Ted Johnson

I'm so sorry to hear the app is crashing for you. What I would suggest is to delete the app and re-install from the app store. To delete in app, find the icon on your phone and hold down your finger on it. It will start "vibrating" and a little X will appear in the corner. Click the X and then it will ask are you sure you want to delete. Next, click the home button to get out of that delete mode. Then go to the app store and download the app again. In the future when downloading videos, it will probably help to not close your app until the download is complete.
without iOS devices.......
Hi the app keep crashing when I tried to delete a video. Since then it will crash right after I restart the app. I have delete and reinstall the app to resolve problem. But same problem persist whenj tried to remove videos. Please advise solution. tks
Ted Johnson
Hi Teresa, if you delete the app from your phone or iPad, this will delete all the app data including the videos you have downloaded. I believe the problem you are having is probably with partially downloaded videos. Please try and wait until the entire video is done downloading each time you download a new video prior to closing out the app.
hooray - thank you for this - this wil really save me lots of worries :)
the app is closing every time i try to watch a video downloaded. i am using my iphone5 - is this why?
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