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This is great to hear Nicola! Welcome back!
Hi Anna~ Welcome! We're definitely trying to promote it more all the time. Any assistance with spreading the word is always appreciated! Thanks for checking us out!
Hi Kristi, I am still in my trial period, and at the site every day. I will definitely subscribe! My favorite part of the site so far, is the beginner area in the learning center. I am able to review all the basic and fundamental exercises and am taking Monica's beginner class. This has helped me so much, in just 4 day. Thank you so much, I am recommending to all my friends!
Welcome K Finley! I'm so happy to hear you are enjoying the site especially the beginner's center. For me that is the place that needs the most care and I really appreciate hearing that it is working for you thus far. Please don't hesitate to offer feedback on how you think navigating this area could be easier or better in the future too.
Thank you for sharing with us here and with your friends!!
Kristi ~
The educational information on this site is a great tool. Thank you for all the work you do to make it possible to access and learn - anytime and anywhere. Did want to ask if there is a subscription discount for signing up for a year membership? Thanks - EA
E.A. At the moment we don't have a year subscription. We do talk about it often... I'll bring it up again when we meet. next week. Thanks for the feedback.
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PilatesAnytime is a fabulous site. The instructors are great. The immense variety of classes, styles, props and apparatus make it an excellent tool for learning Pilates at any level.
I also appreciate the email updates on new classes and workshops offered on your site. I am BASI Comprehensive Trained. As I prepare for my BASI centralized testing, this wonderful learning and practice tool has been extremely useful. Thank you for the great workouts and learning opportunity.
Laurette thank you for sharing your experience here We're so glad our site it working for you. Best of luck in centralized testing. Be yourself and be present with the situation and you'll pass with flying colors I"m sure!
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About nine years ago, at my gym, I started off taking mat classes, moved to taking private classes on the reformer, chair and cadillac and finally decided I would prefer to buy my own reformer and chair. I did DVDs on my own for about seven years and finally found Pilates Anytime. I wake up 3 mornings a week before my school librarian job and do a 30-40 minute workout at a level 2/3. The other days i work out after school. I look forward to the workouts as I know I will be appropriately challenged and the cuing will keep me moving in ways that I can sustain. Thank you so much for sharing such a rich variety of classes, instructors and methods. I'm heading towards 60 and feel so fortunate that I finally found something that makes me feel good and is good for me.
Helen, thank you so much for sharing your experience here. I particularly like the last line of your post... "... feel so fortunate that I finally found something that makes me feel good [AND] is good for me!
So happy to have you with us!
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