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Wonderful Dianne! You are so welcome! I'm so glad it suits you and I really appreciate you sharing how you feel!
I am so happy I found this website! (which isn't at all just a website). I had tried pilates before but gave up, probably because I was too young and liked the adrenaline and work of team sports. But I was recently diagnosed with a lumbar hernia (and I'm only 26) which had kept me away from exercise for about 8 months, and I even started feeling depressed as I realized kinesiology therapy or medication wasn't helping at all. I'm still shocked nobody recommended pilates (I read it could help on the internet, and so I ended up here), because it's the only thing that has really helped! I have told everyone I know and they're all surprised and happy to see me smiling again! I feel so much better. I've started doing classes everyday. I just wish there were some videos with exercises for people with my problem, as well as some of them in Spanish (I'm from Chile and my mom would really love to join me, if only she could understand). Greatest website yet! Thank you!
Thank you Beverly!! That is such great news!!!
Just joined for trial, I have just completed BASI Comprehensive Course,working toward testout.I am hoping this site will allow me to practice and learn more than PI as it has full classes not just single exercises. Fingers crossed :)
Leah ~ Welcome to PA! We hope you enjoy our videos! Feel free to contact us at contact@pilatesanytime.com if you ever have any questions.
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This site is amazing! I feel like a not-so-young kid in a candy store!
Thank you Kimberly!
I am a new member and I really enjoy the variety of classes offered here. Great quality! Thank you for coming up with this brilliant idea!

PS: I hope that you will sell reasonably-priced equipments on the site in the future.
Hi Tom Tom, We're so glad you're enjoying the site! Welcome! At this time, selling equipment is a bit out of our scope of work, so it isn't likely. It may be that we provide a space for folks to go to that are interested in buying or selling equipment from each other here on the site, but for now, we don't have anything official that does that. Thank you for the feedback!
Absolutely love the resources here. I'm a budding pilates instructor who have been practising for over 16 years. Coming from Asia, I was a bit apprehensive due to the costs... a few of my fellow Instructors feel it is too expensively to upkeep the subscription. However, I have been taking 5-6 classes a week on Pilates Anytime and continue to be amazed by the creativity of your Instructors - from the cueing to the movements. As much as my own body has benefited from these classes, my own teaching has improved by leaps and bounds! The fitness industry can be so harsh but I feel so uplifted by everyone on this site. Please continue your great work.
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