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Joanna Tan, thank you very much. I'm glad you find value in our service. We love to be able to offer it and always appreciate good feedback!
Hi Kristi,
I have read many of the posts and of course I echo many of the statements that my fellow members have made. I felt compelled to send a post of my own to thank you for all you do at Pilates Anytime. You have gone above and beyond offering Pilates Classes. I am able to take class with the most amazing teachers and learn so much. I truly value all the work that went into the Legacy Project. I have learned so much about our elders and the method. Well I could go on and on but please know how great Pilates Anytime is, how wonderful a job everyone involved is doing and how much you are helping people. Thank you and Happy New Year.
Your comment means a lot to all of us at PA, but most especially to me when it comes from a colleague. Thank you.
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Hey All, I love your classes, I really only ever have about 30 mins for a class and you provide such a great variety for this stretch. I also really commend you on your post and pre-natal classes, I have used them and they are excellent. I am back to regular pilates, but it was great to have options during my last pregnancy. Pilates has basically changed my whole relationship with my body and you guys save me a LOT of money on back treatments :) Thanks Team.
Thank you Bridgette! What wonderful comments you offer us here! Thank you for taking the time to learn so much about us and also yourself!
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