Reformer Workout
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 2142

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Fantastic! Really fun workout!
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Wow Sarah, I really enjoyed this class. How did I miss this one? Just feeling very good now, ready to take on the day!
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Oh yeah. Perfect for me today!
Thanks Stacy! So happy the class worked for you;)
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Wonderful cueing & beautiful flow. Thank you for a super class!
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Loved this workout and will put it into my regular rotation. Due to shoulder issue, the "mermaid" exercise was difficult. I am wondering if you have an alternative suggestion for that one. I ended up just doing it without the straps. Thanks!
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Nice to stretch and relax the body a little. Thank you
Hi Lori, if your shoulder does not agree with this mermaid variation, it is probably best that you simply do the exercise without the strap. Or perhaps substitute the original Mermaid. Thanks for your message
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love the energy and positive vibe you spread all around you. wonderful class as always. your clear cues are so time saving!
Thanks so much Burçin !
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