Mat Workout
Blossom L.
Class 2393

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Fun advanced class with Blossom Leilani's great sense of humor. I often find classes which incorporate mainly traditional Pilates exercises as not very pleasant for my body because they are mainly done in supine position with head lifted. This class was however totally different; it felt well balanced for my body. With some variations of exercises which were new to me I felt like doing a few extra repetitions in order to master the exercise more - with the pause button this is of course easy... ;)
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bravo you are amazing
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Thank you kindly Ma'am for sharing your years of experience of the matwork with such adroitness and dexterity.
oh wow that was amazing!! Great!! Thank you!!!!
More please!!!!!!
Blossom you are so beautiful - you demonstrate so beautifully and teach so make a level 3 class so accessible with your teaching style. I don't normally do level 3 classes because they go so fast and there is so little cueing to get the move right. Loved it...again!
Thank you all for the lovely comments. Sandyjgrant, I am so glad you did this level 3 class. There are great Matwork exercises that are available to us.
How inspiring! I love Blossom's classes! Come to Melbourne and teach us more please please!!
Blossom: you bring this work to a place where everyone can find something, even if they cannot do the work to its fullest expression. As always your humour brings this back down to what can we each achieve for ourselves on given day, and be proud. Thank you. Keep it coming.
I adored this class ..I need a teacher like you in london!!
Absolutely fun and great class, loved all the preps and Kathy Grant cues. Especially loved the teaser and shoulder bridge preps and variations. Thank you so much for this amazing workout.
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