Pilates in The Car
Layla Khashoggi
Class 376

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That is great Tina! I love that you managed to stay on the couch and still workout! brilliant really!
more please, I love the concept of doing Pilates all the time, incorporated in what we do every day. Cheers!
@Tina Marie - Fantastic! Love that you get the concept. Can be done with no prop at all.... "squeeze" the air! @Paulina- Pilates principles can (and should) be applied in SO many parts of our lives. I'll work on more Glad you enjoyed it.
Hi Layla, although this video is already ancient, I remember that you shared a little booklet for home printing on a .pdf, is this still available? I would love to share with a few older clients of mine, who are not keen to use the mobile app. Many thanks
Theres ~ The link to the pdf is listed underneath the description. Please let us know if you have any trouble accessing it.
Hi Theres, As Gia mentioned, you will find a link to download and print the booklet on the main page for the class, Class Description Link.
revisited this....still so good....printed, collated, and given to clients!    Thank you, again!
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