Extension-Focused Mat
Shelly Power
Class 3181

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Thank you Shelly I appreciate and always learn from your masterful ability to reveal new dimensions of movement.
Thank you Shelly.
Thank you Shelly! I did this one early in the am (so I got a taste of my private clients medicine!). Loved in particular the opening hand stretches (I do these for the feet all the time), and also loved the mermaid (rounding/arching) exercise. The roll-down at the end with emphasis on pelvis stabilization was great too! Thank you !!
Wow Shelly - as always my body feels amazing after one of your classes. This was just what I, and my spine, needed with an 8 week old baby and spending my days constantly flexed! I actually want to do the whole class again...right now!
loving this class, truly amazing.
can't wait for more like it
Really great cue for the saw! Felt great. Thanks!
It was very good. I got to do new movement
OK, I liked it the first time. But I love it the 2nd time. My back and shoulders needed this badly and I feel more capable on that saw given your description. Thanks!
I am becoming a Pilates instructor with Polestar. You are such a good teacher Shelly. It seems to me that I learn from you as if I had you in front of me. The screening tutorial was very helpful to me too. Thank you!!!
Thank you for this class, Shelly. It's really good to refresh the basics. I loved all your cuing. Can't wait to try some of these ideas with my older adult mat class this afternoon.
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