Fall Prevention Strategies
Erika Quest
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Love that tutorial!
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Ewa Thank you SO much! I really appreciate your comment. Much love, Erika
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Hi Erika, I work with a lot of Active Agers and am always looking for new tools and techniques to incorporate in my classes. This tutorial is great! I especially like the emphasis on dorsiflexion. As an active ager myself I've noticed that my dorisiflexion is not what it used to be and how that can adversely affect simple walking. Thank you!
Len this is awesome and THANK YOU! It's amazing how SUPER simple strategies can be incredibly profound for ourselves and our active agers. Let me know how it goes with your loaded dorsiflexion work. It's something I work on too! Much love, Erika
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Your videos are wonderful, I love them. Thank you so much.
Elaine Thank YOU for your lovely comment and for watching / taking. Really so much appreciated. Much love, Erika
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Working on Balance by playing games.. What a brilliant idea! I taught my clients the same thing in the past except from a dancer point of view. :) Thank you so much for this toturial.
It's just simply wonderful!
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I love love love this Erika! What a great addition to my own & my clients balance work also, so much fun! I thought I would cut mine in shine yellow for brightness and to add happiness to the work! (so sorry this photo is so large, I tried minimizing several times!)
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YAHOO Chloe and Judy C you made my day! SO glad you're enjoying this new balance and reaction game for fall prevention. SO simple and effective. Have fun with yourselves (it's harder than it looks) and your clients. Much love, Erika
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Can't wait to try these movements with my Active Seniors. I especially think your game idea is wonderful. Thinking that when it get's "easy" I would put a "stabilization disc" or another unbalance surface in the center for the standing leg.
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