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Kristi Cooper
Class 3653

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Thank you Jill and Ida! Your comments mean a lot to me! I taught another class using my AeroPilates Reformer yesterday. This time, though I did it in the studio. It's funny, it was kind weird! I can't wait to get it back up to my office!
Thank you Kristi for sharing your creativity on the Aero. I use the Aero in my itty, bitty studio practice. At times I feel like I'm cheating my clients from having a "full" reformer experience but I always remind myself that simple is a good place to be. I really appreciate PilatesAnytime you are my interactive resource for inspiration and information.
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This was fantastic. I just bought a reformer (Peak Pilates) for home. I mainly chose it because it was studio height, but less expensive than the Balance Body that I am accustomed to using. After the first few workouts, I thought I may have made a bad decision with this purchase. This really helped me realize that it's really about what feels right to me, while still executing the workout properly. I feel much more confident now! Thank you for this video! It's exactly what I needed!
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Thank you Kristi. So nice to be in your office;)
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what a great workout for an off day between classes...
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This was a very nice class. I have a stott plates reformer at home (not studio quality, but springs instead of cords.) This was easy to follow for that, too! Thank you :)
Thanks everyone! For those of you who offered feedback on how this class helps with your own version of a Reformer, I'm am so happy to hear it as that was my intention!
Thank you for this Kristi! I never comment but have really been struggling with how to use my aero cords in the studio reformer videos. I live in a small town and have not worked on many studio quality reformers so this just really helped me change what needed changing and verified that I was getting some of the resistance correct on my own (yay!). Love your classes!
Wow! Kristi- I just finished this class and now I’m ready to sit and listen to the next set of clients I have ! It was awesome ! Thank you ! 
I enjoyed the class I haven't got a box yet but managed without - it my first time with pilates anytime 
can you or pilates anytime please indicate if need a box on the equipment list many thanks 
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