Class 1: Breath
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 3808

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I really love Sarah’s classes. Just the right level for me (just getting back to Pilates). I love your sense of fun Sarah and your talk track makes me feel like I’m there with you in a class. I find having a whole series to work through is really motivating.
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Such a wonderful flow! Great for the morning!
Jill Thanks so much! keep me posted as you take more classes. 
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Love it! I am trying to rebuild my strength after birth (and almost 3 years of minimal exercise) and I feel this video really helped me reconnect with my breath and my core
wonderful to hear Eli! Keep up the breath and core work.
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I really love this one and will keep coming back to it!
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Hi Sarah
you mention about some people find it difficult to have there legs up above the hips when laying on there backs . Is this because of tight , dominate muscles in the legs ? Thank you loved the video.
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