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Dana Santi
Class 3992

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Too fast transitions - the teacher sometimes even says "go to the child's pose" but doesn't actually do the child's pose at all, instead, she just goes to the next pose. Also, too few repetitions made most of the exercises unchallenging.

That was a proper workout, when it is this slow, every little thing shows. Nitty gritty. Thank you.
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When short on time this class is perfect, a good total body workout. Thank you
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Just finished reading again "return to life"... That's a pure demonstration of Joe Pilates workout! Thanks
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Great pace and emphasis on scapular and shoulder placement 
love love loved these short reps!
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Getting my mojo back during lockdown so thanks for the 30min class that packs a 'classical' punch!!!
Felt rushed through all the exercises and too few reps to really feel anything. 
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I understand  one of the the class goals was to point out  differences between men and women, but the class seemed to prove that both men and women are great at  Pilates.  Super Class. I liked the pace and will take it again. Thanks Dana:) 
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Dana managed to finally do this class and thanks makes sense with all the work I have been doing with you during lockdown so hopefully this will help on our next session 
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