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I loved it!  Amazed that you can cue with control through some of those exercises.  Love the flow and the energy but mostly - damn, you're creative!! ;)
Love this!! Inspired me so much for my athletic Pilates class at my studio! Love your stuff!
I did it a second time. Even better than the first!!
That was amazing!  I feel like my reformer just doubled in real estate.  I can't remember the last time I touched the risers!  Thank you for that invigorating class.  I will be back!
Awesome workout to end my work day! Loved the tempo and variety!
Thank you so much for this class, Courtney. After 10+ years of doing Pilates and the reformer, I adore the fact that I can still learn so many new things. Thank you!! and Pilates Anytimes!
great class !! even i've had to struggle to adjust with board and spring, thanks Courtney ! super love
Just aiming to finish the workout start to finish... I'll know I'm in good shape when I can keep up!
So much fun! and a great sweat!!

This was my favorite class on this site! I love the speed, felt like a real workout in just the right amount of time. Pilates anytime please release reformer videos like this every week and then I will subscribe forever!
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